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Why you need restumping services on your structurally unsound property

Every foundation has a root, and in the case of 95% of residential housing that root is a series of wooden or concrete ‘stumps’ that are at the base layer of your property. Thus, as gravity, soil conditions, water and hail, and indeed time itself work their damage on your property’s stump, there needs to be a process to restore them back to their original condition.

Restumping and Underpinning

Complete Underpinning Werribee South is one of the most renowned and experienced company delivering impeccable underpinning and restumping services. Moreover, we provide safe underpinning and restumping services to hundreds of houses and offices every year. Further, we also provide 10 years guarantee on all our services.

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Restumping Werribee South

Restumping Werribee South

A more preferred alternative to demolishing the whole process, restumping is a less intrusive process that can secure your home against structural damage for years to come. The outcome of restumping is that ‘your home will never move again’.

RESTUMPING Werribee South

What is the restumping process? In short: brief report, detailed assessment, rebuild, and assess.
Restumping can be a time-demanding, complex process, but you should complete it properly to ensure your home is structurally sound.


Over a few visits, the field worker will undergo a detailed assessment on your foundations, of which you will receive a copy. Things that go into this report include:

  • The number of stumps
  • Spacing between them
  • Potential risks and in congruencies
  • Previous stumping or foundational reports.
  • Building regulations
  • If floorboards need to be removed
  • Start and finish dates of the proposed work
  • Relevelling details of your floors.
RESTUMPING Werribee South

RESTUMPING Werribee South

As part of this process, field workers may engage a geochemical engineer to test the soil around your structure. Next, we develop the action plan and start working to stabilise  your residence.
Please note that restumping often require soil analysis and access to the architectural plans. If you have any questions, our engineers can assist you with any house raising Werribee South enquiries.


The stumps in most houses are concrete, wooden or resin layers. Once the client signs the report and contract, the next step is engaging a concreter or chemical engineer to carry out the  work. Further, they will either use concrete or resin pour into the base. Also, this is where we do the physical work: we remove the floorboards, level the floors, and restablish it again.
There are some advantages and disadvantages as to which is best, but the team would walk you through these before starting on the work.

RESTUMPING Werribee South

RESTUMPING Werribee South

AFTERMATH The end result is a stabilised, foundationally happy house that has no risks of structural damage from its foundations. We do an aftermath report to ensure everything was done with due diligence and that you are happy with the end result.

What else can you do with restrumping Werribee South? House Raising Werribee South

For one reason or another, sometimes clients want to raise their houses to sit on another level or have a basements component to their house that wasn’t there before. Occasionally, your house may have significantly sunk into the top soil in which your foundations are embedded. These are all good reasons for restumping.


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