House foundations play the most important role in providing our home structure with support and strength. All the weight and load is buildings are carried by house foundations. House foundation damage is a serious threat to the structural integrity of the home. If your house foundations suffer damage, it is highly suggested that you hire Professional Underpinning Services for House Foundation Repair. Professionals can provide you with many methods for underpinning a house. Avoid any accident and get Structural Damage Repair by hiring professionals to underpin a house. Depending upon the house foundation damage and condition of the ground beneath, professionals can use 3 types of underpinning methods. We are providing you with some information on 3 Common Methods For Underpinning a house

Professional Underpinning Services

Professional Underpinning Services

3 Methods Of Underpinning :

  • Depth and Breadth Method

    Depth and breadth method for underpinning a house is the most common and cheap methods used by professional underpinning services. Depth and breadth method to underpin a house is carried out by distributing the complete weight of structure uniformly along the breadth, length and depth of house foundation. If your house suffered foundation damage or the structure is seen leaning on one side, professionals can deliver depth and breadth method for underpinning the house. Depth and breadth method works best as it provides suitable and large surface area to distribute the load of structure and relieve the pressure from the house foundation.

  • Mass Concrete Method

    Mass concrete methods is an age-old and traditional method to provide  House Foundation Repair and to underpin a house. This method has been a practical way to underpin a house since a century. The mass concrete method involves digging of box-shaped voids beneath the foundation. Those box-shaped voids are further filled with concrete and add solid support to the foundation and structure as well. Professional underpinning services can deliver mas concrete methods for underpinning a house as its cheap and practical. Mass concrete methods require no evacuation and are generally carried out without using heavy machinery and equipment.

  • Mini-Piled Method

    Mini piled method for Underpinning a House is carried out when the ground condition and soil beneath the foundation varies. Professionals also use mini piled method to Underpin a House when the foundation has limited access and is not within an easy reach. This method is generally carried out by distributing the weight deep down the foundation by adding piles and pillars along the depth. Weight and load of the structure are directly piled up on the depth of up to 5 meters beneath the foundation.

    House Foundation Repair

    House Foundation Repair

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