Reblocking and Its Need

Reblocking Kew.  Often, we get asked: what’s the difference between restumping, reblocking and underpinning? They all relate to the process of restabilising your foundations to minimise the risk of structural damage.

What we can tell you is that restumping is exactly the same as reblocking! Moreover, underpinning is more a process of restabilising the base structures above the stump, as well as topsoil analysis, and is a broader volume of work.

Back to reblocking. This is a process of replacing the wooden, resin or concrete ‘stumps’ that underpin your house. As gravity, soil conditions, water and hail, and indeed time itself work their damage on your property’s stump, there needs to be a process to restore them back to their original condition. Enter, re-blocking, which is a robust process of carrying out a brief report, detailed assessment, stump replacement/renewal, and finally a post-implementation review of the physical activity that went into your house.

Reblocking Kew

Reblocking Kew

Process of Reblocking

The process itself is complex. It involves getting architectural plans and approval from the council in most cases. Further, it also involves engaging field workers and engineers to perform activities such as floorboard removal, topsoil evaluation (to ensure your soil isn’t working against your property!), and more. Fortunately, our professional reblocking Kew services team can assist you in navigating through the complexities to arrive at an outcome you need.
Your house will never move on you again!

What actual work will be done:

  • A brief report (1 hour, first day)
  • Detailed assessment (1-2 days, a few hours)
  • Restumping work (Up to 5 days, sometimes more in complicated cases).
  • Cleanup – 1 day
  • Post-implementation review (brief examination, 1-hour max)

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The cost of restumping varies wildly but expect a robust process and properly done reblocking to cost between $10,000-$20,000 depending on the work. You can at least engage the reporting part of reblocking (to assess the risks) in under $1000. That way you can weigh up if you need the work done from a professional’s perspective.

Reblocking Kew

The stumps in most houses are concrete, wooden or resin layers. Once the client signs the report and contract, the next step is engaging a concreter or chemical engineer to carry out the work. They will either use concrete or resin pour into the base. This is when we do the physical work: we remove the floorboards are removed, level the floors, restump and then establish it again.
There are some advantages and disadvantages as to which is best, but the team would walk you through these before starting on the work.

Signs Indicating The Need for Reblocking

Reblocking or restumping is are usually ignored by the homeowners, making the expensive process culprit. But, delaying reblocking can lead to disasters. following are the signs that say you need restumping services at the earliest.

  • If there are any cracks on your brick wall or the plasterwork on the walls start peeling off.
  • When the floors are unleveled or are sloping to an end.
  • When you notice cracks in your window or glass frames
  • Tilted doors from the hinges

These are the indications telling you to call for the professionals restumping services providers. Complete Underpinning is one of the reputed companies offering underpinning, restumping/reblocking services at affordable prices. By choosing us, you are choosing the quality blocking services, that won’t let you pay through nose.

Same Day Inspection

Same day inspection is important, we at Total Underpinning has the most qualified engineers across the Kew city. Our engineers complete the inspection on the same day and give the report to the owner, our engineers also consult owners about the house condition and how it should be a tackled. Our engineers prepare the genuine report of house condition and also make the plan for it while keeping the architecture in minds, we made the best possible plan. Which helps in genuine foundation restoring work. To call our engineers for the inspection, call on our numbers.

Report and Contract

Over a few visits, the field worker will undergo a detailed assessment of your foundations, of which you will receive a copy. A contract will also be drawn up. Things that go into this report include:

  • Potential risks and incongruencies
  • The number of stumps
  • Spacing between them
  • Previous stumping or foundational reports.
  • Building regulations
  • If floorboards need to be removed
  • Start and finish dates of the proposed work
  • Relevelling details of your floors.

Additional Process

As part of this process, field workers may engage a geochemical engineer to test the soil around your structure. We develop an action plan and start working to stabilise your residence after getting approval.
Reblocking may require soil analysis and access to the architectural plans. If you have any questions, our engineers can assist you with any reblocking Kew inquiries.

Reblocking Kew

Reblocking Kew

Benefits of Hiring Complete Underpinning

  • Certified and professional reblocking and underpinning experts
  • Competitive prices for services
  • The procedure is completed within 7 days
  • Friendly and co-operative staff
  • Best reblocking services Kew
  • Professional reblocking Kew services
  • Involvement of engineer for the better understanding of soil conditions


Having read this article, do you have further questions about the reblocking process? Or do you need to engage an initial consultation? Our friendly customer care consultants are more than happy to assist you, call 03 4050 7088 today.

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