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Why You Need House Restumping?

Every foundation has a root, and in the case of 95% of residential housing, that root is a series of wooden or concrete ‘stumps’ that are at the base layer of your property. Thus, as gravity, soil conditions, water and hail, and indeed time itself damage your property’s stumps. Hence, there indeed is a need for house restumping process to restore the house level back to its original condition. If you wait until last minutes, there are chances for the stumps to sink deeper and losing the balance.

Most homeowners delay the restumping process because it cost a pretty penny, but we at Complete Underpinning offer cost-effective services and provide the best value for your money. We offer restumping services in easter, western, northern, and southern suburbs of Melbourne.

Restumping and Underpinning

Complete Underpinning Melbourne is one of the most renowned and experienced companies delivering impeccable underpinning and restumping or reblocking services. Moreover, we provide safe underpinning and restumping services to hundreds of houses and offices every year. Further, we also provide 10 years guarantee on all our services.

You can get a free, no-obligation quotation for any of our underpinning or restumping services. Just give us a call!

Restumping Melbourne

Restumping Melbourne

A more preferred alternative to demolishing the whole process, restumping is a less intrusive process that can secure your home against structural damage for years to come. The outcome of restumping is that ‘your home will never move again’.

What is Our Restumping Process?

Following are the steps our team undergo to level your house again:

Inspecting Floor Level: Our team will start the process by inspecting the floor level of your property. This will determine for us how serious the problem is and whether your house needs restumping or not. We will do the detailed inspection of the slope of your floor, subfloors, and foundations.

Stump Inspection: Afterwards, our will inspect the wooden or concrete stumps of your foundation to analyse the root of the problem. We will figure out the cause of restumping, such as tear and wear of the years, accumulation of mould and mildew, water damage, or other factors contributing to the rotting, sinking or damaging the stumps.

Replacing The Damaged Stumps: If our team finds the damaging or crack in the stumps while inspecting the foundation or subfloor stumps, these will be replaced by the new. We will use the number of jacks to support the home, while remove and replace the stumps.

Restumping can be a time-demanding, complex process, so you need the patience to get the process to complete it properly to ensure your home is structurally sound.


Over a few visits, the field worker will undergo a detailed assessment of your foundations, of which you will receive a copy. Things that go into this report include:

  • The number of stumps
  • Spacing between them
  • Potential risks and incongruencies
  • Previous stumping or foundational reports.
  • Building regulations
  • If floorboards need to be removed
  • Start and finish dates of the proposed work
  • Relevelling details of your floors.


As part of this process, field workers may engage a geochemical engineer to test the soil around your structure. Next, we develop the action plan and start working to stabilise your residence.
Please note that restumping often require soil analysis and access to the architectural plans. If you have any questions, our engineers can assist you with any house raising Melbourne inquiries.

Same Day Inspection

Inspection of the foundation must be done with precision, at Complete Underpinning we have understood this. Thus, we have hired the finest engineer for house foundation inspection, they complete the inspection on the same day and provides the feedback report. This report contains real-time statistics and analysis, including the restoration plan. We assure that your house will become strong after the work is done, thus, for bookings the inspection you can call on our numbers. We will send our engineers and get the inspection work done on the same day.


The stumps in most houses are concrete, wooden or resin layers. Once the client signs the report and contract, the next step is engaging a concreter or chemical engineer to carry out the work. Further, they will either use concrete or resin pour into the base. Also, this is where we do the physical work: we remove the floorboards, level the floors, and restablish it again.
There are some advantages and disadvantages as to which is best, but the team would walk you through these before starting on the work.



AFTERMATH-The end result is a stabilised, foundationally happy house that has no risks of structural damage from its foundations. We do an aftermath report to ensure everything was done with due diligence and that you are happy with the end result.

House Raising Melbourne

What else can you do with Restumping Melbourne? For one reason or another, sometimes clients want to raise their houses to sit on another level or have a basements component to their house that wasn’t there before. Occasionally, your house may have significantly sunk into the topsoil in which your foundations are embedded. These are all good reasons for restumping.

House Restumping Melbourne

Complete Underpinning is a leading name in the industry of house restumping/ house reblocking or any other kind of foundation work. Our professionals are highly efficient and deliver only quality work. So, call us to get your home restumped at the affordable prices before it is too late.  Get in touch with us at 0340507088 or online and our officers will be there at your doorsteps for your floor inspection and assessment.

Why Choose Complete Underpinning Melbourne?

  • We have a team of experienced underpinners Melbourne.
  • Affordable house underpinning services.
  • We offer quality and guaranteed services for restumping and underpinning.
  • Our professionals do a thorough inspection of your property before starting the process.
  • Our team offers the value for your money.
  • The team of our professionals provides you with the best maintenance tips.
  • We also engage a geochemical engineer for soil testing.
  • We are a reliable and trusted company in Melbourne with experience of 15years.


Questions? Need some restumping work done in Melbourne? Simply give us a call today.

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